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Friday, April 17, 2009

FAQ: Color Confusion

My first FAQ! How exciting :P

So, in reference to my picture showing all of the different earrings on my lamp... the question has come about (a couple times) about whether I posted "monotone" twice instead of "monotone" and "eggplant".. and whether or not "eggplant" was actually the "purple" earrings on my lamp.

YOUR LONG AWAITED ANSWER! (haha, okay.. probably not long-awaited)

Here are some comparison pics between "eggplant" and "monotone/grey". Eggplant on the left.. grey on the right.. there is a veeeeeeeeeeeeery slight difference between the two. In bad lighting (since I haven't gotten around to taking pictures of my OWN jewelry.. go figure!) they look the same. In fact, when I was uploading the pictures, they looked the same.. and I had to double check.

The "purple" earrings on my LAMP.. are actually the blue ones (used in the "blue hues" section). For some reason, in different lights, it changes from light purple/lavender to blue.. and I have no idea why.

But since so many people seemed to really, really like the lavender hue.. I searched for an actual BEAD store (screw Michael's!) and found one! So I'm going to go tomorrow and find some PURPLE beads and make those earrings xD 


  1. loool that was veryyy helpful! but I kinda like hallucinating right now.. i see on the first pic on the right...grey-purple-ish there...LOL
    whenever i read "eggplant" I'm not quite sure if i'm in the right track or not..I imagine that it's an egg which is planted in the ground...LOL....oh yey, you can try if you want as a challenge, to make cluster earrings which ressemble a flower or rose whatever you name it. its like yellow at the middle, around it will be..ummm pink, red, violet, blue, whatever. and the rest of the chain will be green xD Any leaves? i dunno. LOL anyway that's me imagining things when I don't sleep =.=''

    The comment on "screw Michael's" made me laugh real hard loool poor him xD

    Oh btw, my jewelry stand doesn't look l ike Steph's :( I want it bigger :(
    (and thank you for your compliments on my lame face ::shy::)

  2. Moto Jewelry! I got your package in the mail just now, Thank You!!

    I can't wait to sport my Moto bling!!

    You sent me so many goodies you sneak!!
    And that chic shirt, lol, I'm going to be so trendy this summer. That you so much sweetheart, you really put a smile on my face today. I need to stop being sick and take a bunch of pictures with my new earrings ^^

    You know..I was thinking about the earring color after I ordered, I was like hmm maybe I should have told her the purple ones. lol, but you knew!!

    I would have love the other pair just as much anyways. =P

    ::gives Sarah a big hug::!!

    DSK + Moto Jewelry!!


    Steph Diesel. LOL