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Saturday, October 24, 2009


Hey all ;)

What's going on with me? Weeeeeell.. My boyfriend just surprised me with a trip-- up to San Fransisco! For a couple reasons: my birthday (earlier this month), our two year anniversary (today) and just because I've never been! What a sweetie :) :) I'm super excited to go!! Buuuuut this also means that MotoJewelry will be on haitus for about a week.

I'll be gone from the 27th until the 30th (Tuesday through Friday). We're bringing our laptop with us and we have free WiFi at our hotel, so I'll be able to answer e-mails (though not as frequently or fast as I usually do) and send out invoices/etc for orders coming in... but I'll be delayed with sending OUT packages.

All orders with payments received before this entry was posted WILL be shipped out on Monday (unless we've been talking about a custom order and I've had to order beads for you).

If I happen to receive orders and/or payments tomorrow, I will try my best to also ship it out Monday BUT I will be down in LA meeting Lady L and Wuzzy (!!) so I can't make any promises-- as I believe in quality, not quantity.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Remember, if you order and pay within the month of October, I will donate $10 of your purchase towards your choice of Breast Cancer research or the Philippine National Red Cross! If you don't get an order in this month, don't worry-- I'm planning another charity donation for the winter months as well ;)

As always, if you have any questions/comments/orders, please e-mail me :)

Thanks for choosing MotoJewelry! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Aw how sweet! I live like half an hour away from SF! I was actually there today to see Wicked hehe.

  2. It was soo fun meeting you and the man!! You guys are great! I wish we could've done something more or stayed longer. I really apprciate you guys driving all the way down to see us!!

    Have fun in SF!! :) I need to visit there again! LOL!

  3. how fun...I absolutely love SF!