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Sunday, November 29, 2009


Hey all :)

I'm not sure if anyone noticed (and if you did, I'm sorry for the inconvenience) but MotoJewelry went down for a few hours as I went through a pretty large reorganization. I've been wanting to for awhile and.. tonight just seemed like the night to do it (nevermind my homework LOL). I changed the blog URL to a different one so you guys wouldn't get spammed with the influx of new posts, as most of them weren't new items -- as you can see by the items that are NOW on the front page.

Basically, I'm going to be posting SINGLE ITEMS. No more batches! This way I can change the label quite easily ("NFS" for items on hold, "Previous Works" for sold items, etc) which will make it easier for YOU to browse around. The downside is the number of posts will increase.. but I think it's worth it if you can see more items as I'm making them, no?

On that note.. all items under the "PREMADE" section are going on a 'secret' sale! :) E-mail me with the piece you want, and I'll give you the new price. Sale goes on until MotoJewelry closes for the holidays.


  1. love the new site setup! it's very easy to use :D
    & very lovely pieces! they are gorrrgeous :)

  2. Wooo! Love the changes! :D Can't wait to see what's coming next from MotoJewelry! (>_<)/

  3. Sounds good to me! Gonna check out your new organizing now! :)