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Tuesday, December 8, 2009


It's almost the holiday season!! :) I've definitely been feeling it.. sat around today and wrapped and wrapped and wrapped.. and ran out of ribbon (ugh)! Decided to see if I could spread the holiday cheer with this news:

I decided to extend orders until Dec 11th (one extra day!).
All orders will be shipped out Dec 12th, as planned.

I may be accepting a few custom orders -- as long as I have the materials on hand.

I've received quite a good response on my "signature v4" earrings... and I do have a pairs of "Amethyst" (warm-tone med/dark purple), "Sapphire" (mid-tone blue), "Crystal AB" and "Golden Shadow" heart pendants ready to be made into earrings--or whatever you want. Only one pair of each is available though, so send me an e-mail ASAP! :P

I'm also going to consider accepting orders for my other signature earring styles, the AQ necklace variations and maybe a bracelet or two.

E-mail me if you're interested [: the customization period will be severely shortened so either be very detailed with your request or have quick e-mail responses! Please note that International orders have been halted until the new year, and that I can only guarantee Priority mail packages to arrive by or before December 24th.

Hahahah, I have to be honest with you all.. all of these extensions and exceptions are spurred by the fact that I ordered and received a USPS Postal Scale... and can't wait until the new year to use it! I know, I'm such a kid sometimes xD but it's exciting for me!

Hope you are all are doing well x3


  1. Oh I'd love a USPS scale!! Then I could do most shipping online and just drop them off!

  2. Oooh it's the most wonderful time of the year :) Happy Wrapping!!!!!