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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Quick Question

Hey all :) how it doooo?

Just as a reminder, all custom orders (special ordering supplies) for MotoJewelry have CLOSED.

International orders with first-class shipping have also closed.
Express mail may or may not become available, depending on how many requests I receive.

"Made to order" orders will be closed on Saturday.
This refers to my signature style earrings.

I was also thinking.. if there's a color scheme you want to see, request it in this post and I'll see if I can make something "premade" -- so it's not quite custom ordering ;) ya digg? I can't guarantee that I'll get to it, but if I have time and the supplies, it's a start.

Hope you all are having a great week :)
x0xo` Sarah

PS- I'm aware that some of my past images/previous works aren't showing up.. I made a mistake when I was switching over to this "single item post" set up. Sorry for any inconveniences! Let me know if you see any missing pictures.


  1. Purples. And Golds. And Taupes! And maybe teal too?? LOL. I am not helping but I'm obsessed with bright jewel tones lately!

  2. You know my love of dark colors! LOL! But anything you make is LOVE!

  3. hmmm more gold, black, grey, purple more stuff with those opal colors hehe they are lovely