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Monday, February 1, 2010

Donation Update

For the month of January~
MotoJewelry donated $55.00 to the Haiti Relief Fund chapter of the Red Cross!
I just made the payment a few minutes ago ^__^
Thanks to all of you lovely ladies!!

I hope to have another charity drive for every month in 2010! I believe it's very important to be an active part of the community and to help out any way I can.

For a few years, I went to basically every other Relay for Life event.. basically you go with a team, and at least one person walks around the track for the entire 24 hours that you're there. The walk symbolizes the day of a cancer patient. It starts off with a walk of Survivors.. and at night, there is a ceremony called Luminaria.. a remembrance for those who lost their fight for cancer. Everyone receives a candle and walks around the track.. paper bags are decorated for lost ones and a candle is lit and placed inside. It's a very touching ceremony and it's great to unite with other Survivors and others who have lost family members and friends. I believe there is a Relay for Life somewhere in the US, constantly. Find out more information here.

February's charity will be AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION.
Feb 14th-- Valentine's day. February is basically the "heart" month.
14% of proceeds from Feb 1-Feb28 will be donated :)

Thank you for supporting MotoJewelry and for taking part in helping out your community!

1 comment:

  1. YAY MotoJewelry is so good! I love that you're always thinking of other & giving back to the communities Sarah! That's why we love you & MotoJewelry!