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Sunday, March 7, 2010

News: AHA and Red Velvet

Sorry for being so late! I didn't forget, I've just been so busy .___.;; but here's proof of the donation to AHA -- thank you to everyone who donated! I hope our money is the last bit they need to find the cure. Thank you for being so generous and helping out with your community!

In other news.... man, there's been a lot of talk about RED VELVET CUPCAKES.. especially on Twitter ;P not only did it make me crave it for about a month (which I satiated at the Whole Foods down in Irvine/Tustin area--cupcakes are so-so by the way!)... but I decided to make a bracelet in honor of the deliciousness.

I was allllll ready to go.. when I realized I didn't have any cupcake charms! And what's a cluster bracelet without charms? (; So I searched around my usual suppliers and no one had anything that really caught my eye... so I browsed around trusty ole' Etsy, where I found these:

How cute, huh??

Anyway, so I promptly snapped them up. Unfortunately, they have to be shipped to me from Abu Dhabi... which is basically across the world. BUT.. I did finish the cluster part.... so whenever they arrive, I'll snap these babies on and will be ready to post it up! Just thought I'd give you guys a preview of the cuteness to come ^___^

Quick shout out to MotoJewelry's most recent baller... Michelle B! You know who you are. Good luck on your paper, I hope you finished and got some beauty sleep tonight -- though I'm sure you don't need it! (^__^)/

Oh, and PS.. if you haven't already followed me on Twitter, be sure to! I post up previews of jewelry before it gets here on the blog, not to mention posting up some deals and surprises.... for yee loyal followers *wink wink*

Talk to the rest of you soon!


  1. Ahh makes me want to eat RV cuppy cakes now!! LOL!!

    And you're always so generous with your donations. That's how we know you have a great heart! :)

  2. aww that sounds like such a cute bracelet! I just had red velvet cupcakes with creamcheese frosting this week