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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Into the Ocean - SOLD

Inspired by one of newer favorite songs...
[ Blue October - Into the Ocean ]
super depressing lyrics actually, hahaha.
but it sounds sooooo mellow~!

Another inspiration is.. a failed beach experience or two, hahah! I thought it was SPRING so it should be WARM, no? So I tried taking two friends (on two different occasions) to the beach for some hang out time, tanning, etc... total fail, ended up being cold and windy. SIGH.

So here's to SUMMER! :) enjoy~

All jumbled up~

Laid out

Toggle close-up (reminds me of rope... on a boat!)

Bead close-up

More bead close-ups.

Just as a note, EVERY link is filled, with some links filled twice!

"Into the Ocean" - $60.00 *updated price
(ya'll can thank KATIE for the price update!)
Length almost 8 inches
(Can change from toggle to lobster clasp to shorten slightly)
2 silver starfish charms
3 Swarovski crystal starfish charms
(Indicolite, Crystal Clear and Crystal AB)

Feels quite weighty... comes in at 1oz!
** SOLD **

Another idea for these bracelets is to change the clasp to a lobster clasp (more secure) and use it as a purse keychain! Especially for those of you whose hardware is either too thick or you just don't have a PLACE to put the clip -- like with my new Coach purse.


  1. This is just devine, so so pretty... makes me think of mermaids and summer days...
    BTW your photography is amazing!!!

  2. Wow, this bracelet is gorgeous and epitomizes the sea for me. Great job!

  3. Someday I'll get a nice cluster bracelet. You're tempting me so much right now. XD

  4. This is soo pretty! Really marine! LOL! Even the clasp resembles boat rope when incorporated into this theme!

  5. This is really pretty! I adore the starfish crystals!

  6. AWWW Sarah! Wow I was not expecting this at all but Dylan gave me the bracelet today and gosh I can't stop smiling (:

    Its even more beautiful in person, I'm sittng here trying to plan an outfit for tm around this bracelet. I'll write a full post soon.