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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Nostalgia - SOLD

Sometimes I have trouble naming items... I don't like to give them generic names like (color + shape) because I think a piece can lose some part of its personality just by not having a name! This bracelet was SUPER hard for me to pick a name for, for some reason. I kept having different things pop into my head and none of it really STUCK, you know? I was stuck between a thousand names, one of them being "Flora" but I thought that it sounded a bit overdone :P

I ended up with "NOSTALGIA" because this bracelet reminded me of:
Balloon displays at the zoo
HUGE swirly Disneyland lollipops
Spring AND summer
Plastic beach toys
Running around in the sun
Neon colored plastic sun glasses (I was stylingggg!)
And not to forget... floral printed clothing.
(who else had floral bike shorts as a kid??).

On that note, my childhood was definitely filled with lots more color in comparison to my closet today... on my last shopping trip, I bought 4 grey items! FOUR! Four of five to be exact, hahaha.

Anyway, I hope you like the name I chose (:
If not, I hope you just like how pretty it looks!

"Nostalgia" - $55.00
Every link is filled twice, maybe even three times!
Measures in at 7 inches
3 little twinkling stars
Chain is textured b/c EVERY kid should have callouses from romping

SOLD! Thank you Jenn :)


  1. Perfect name for it! And it really does bring memories / visions of all you listed! :)

  2. love the colors you used in this bracelet :)

  3. Beautiful bracelet Sarah!

    I sent the earrings today, thanks again! I included some face masks so hopefully you like them. :)