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Sunday, January 10, 2010

FAQ: Ordering, Shipping, General, Deals

E-mail: motojewelry (at) gmail (dot) com

- Orders: see the "add to cart" feature on the bottom of each entry. This will take you to payment after you check-out.
- Preferred method of payment is by PAYPAL.
- Orders received but not paid for (I usually give you 2-3 notices) WILL be subject to a 15% restocking fee. This is based on the inconvenience to me and to any customers who may have wanted to purchase that item.
- No returns, no refunds.
- Triple check that the address listed is correct.
- Custom orders or alterations are made by EMAIL ONLY. Invoices will be sent out via email.

*Note: the shipping charges are worked into the prices in the drop-down menu.
Within the US: I ship USPS Priority; flat rate of $5.00. Please e-mail me if you would prefer a different shipping service (note: the shipping fee may be higher).
International: The same $5 flat fee applies; if the actual fee goes over, I will send you a separate bill for it. Priority shipping is available, starting at $14.00 and up.
Tracking: Available with an additional fee, upon request.
Insurance: Available with an additional fee, upon request.
Discount: If your order is $50 and above, you will receive a shipping discount.
LOST PACKAGES: Once a package leaves my hands, I cannot be held responsible for it. If you would like to replace your order, there will be a default $20 fee to cover supplies and shipping (priority shipping for domestic orders and insurance for international orders).

- LE/SOLD: I cannot make exact duplicates. E-mail me and we'll talk.
- Still have questions? E-mail me!

- Any order $50 and above will receive a shipping discount

- Returning customers will receive a 10% discount

- If you order more than one specific style of earring (or jewelry), you will receive a "bulk" discount. IE signature v1 earrings are originally $16/ea, but will become $14/ea for 2 pairs, $12/ea for 3 pairs, etc. Purchase of v1 and v2 earrings are NOT eligible for the discount.

- Any jewelry under the "2009" category will be discounted by 20% in the final invoice.

- On that note, please do not ask for discounts or try to haggle the prices! It is unfair to me and all of my hard work--or to any crafter for that matter. You don't ask for $20 worth of a $40 dish at a restaurant, do you?

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