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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Quick Update

Hey everyone! :)

It seems like I'm the last blog-jeweler to present new pieces for the new year.. I apologize! I've been caught up in my schedule and trying to arrange everything so that every little slice of the pie fits together... tedious work!

As per suggestion (thanks Elle!), I've opened up a new category (see left side-bar): FOR SALE
I will place items under that tag.. and as soon as they are sold, they will be tagged with "NFS" (not for sale). This tag existed previously, but under the name "PREMADE".. which was a little less clear. I hope this clears up any confusion!

If time allows, I would like to move MotoJewelry into more of a "catalog" format.. something to the effect of how Etsy or even Amazon appears. But for now, I think I'll start adding more pictures--different views, close-ups, etc.--to help you out when browsing.

I was hoping to get up some new pieces today but unfortunately I think I'm catching a cold... definitely a productive damper :( BUT I should be able to post them up sometime this week.

In other news...
All 2009 jewelry (under "for sale") will be discounted 10% and an additional 20% will go to REDCROSS.ORG to try to help out people in need.

Thanks for supporting MotoJewelry!
x0xo Sarah


  1. Can't wait to see your new stuff! I'm gonna browse you old pics now! :)

  2. you're not the last - I haven't posted anything since...November? early December? I'm still plotting away and waiting for supplies to arrive, lol - can't wait to see what new things you've created though!

  3. Hi Sarah!

    Aww sorry to hear you'll getting sick, I can't wait to see pictures of your new creations though. :) You're so kind to donate your sales to people in need as well.