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Friday, August 27, 2010


So, in appreciation of all of you wonderful customers, friends and followers, I've decided to host a giveaway :) for reaching 100 orders *and* 150+ followers! I feel so touched from all of the love and support I've received. I started MotoJewelry one week when I was sick and bored out of my mind (sigh, being bedridden) and never imagined that I would still be making jewelry over a year and a half later with customers ranging from neighbors to across the oceans!

Plus, hey. I'm graduating this Sunday and I feel like spreading the good feeling ^_^

Now, on to the rules and method of entry...

- You *must* be a blog follower, following publicly so I can check. If you don't have a blog, then have proof of how else you've been following MotoJewelry updates.
- Both domestic and international entries are welcome!
- Entries are limited to the ones listed below. I will check if you are following me on this blog and/or on Twitter.
- Limit one entry per method of entry! As in, you can't tweet at me twice to make up for a tweet and a review.
- Winner will be drawn randomly. There will be one winner per category, two (2) total.
- Must be 18 years of age or older. Under 18 must have parents' consent as I need your address to send you the prizes.

Entries for customers:
*beware, I have a spreadsheet of ALL transactions, so I *will* know if you qualify for this category! haha

1. Being a follower and leaving a comment on this entry.
- Let me know what piece of MotoJewelry you have (or your favorite, if you own several) and tell me what it was and what you love the most about it. Also, I will need an e-mail to contact the winner after the giveaway has closed.

+1 Being a follower on Twitter.
- Tweet at me (@MotoJewelry) with... anything! Love, comments, suggestions, a color scheme you'd like to see for future pieces, etc.

+1 E-mailing me a review/testimonial.
- A review/testimonial, however long or short, of your piece or pieces (with or without pictures, though pictures would definitely help!) that you'll allow me to post up on my blog when I open up the "testimonials" section. *Note: if you've already made a testimonial/review, you can link me to it :) my e-mail is in the section right about this post.

Entries for followers:

1. Being a follower and leaving a comment on this entry.
Since you haven't quite yet gotten around to finding that perfect piece for you, let me know which piece you like the most that I've made (and what you like the most about it). OR, if you like my style but haven't seen a piece at all, let me know what you'd like to see here on MotoJewelry! Also, I will need an e-mail to contact the winner after the giveaway has closed.

+1 Being a follower on Twitter.
- Tweet at me (@MotoJewelry) with... anything! Love, comments, suggestions, a color scheme you'd like to see for future pieces, etc.

As for the prizes...

Extras: There will be snackies and candies, as always, along with a few cosmetic surprises. I can't say what exactly yet, mostly because I want it to be a surprise... along with the fact that if I have an international winner, I can't exactly ship nail polishes, etc so that would change the prize -- which would be super lame, in my opinion hahaha :)

The one (1) customer winner will receive:
- 1 fully customized necklace or bracelet... that will be named after them to be added in the MotoJewelry line!
- 1 pair of earrings from the existing line... can be customized to be a clip-on if you do not have ear piercings.

The one (1) follower winner will receive:
- 1 pair of earrings from the existing line... can be customized to be a clip-on if you do not have ear piercings.
- $20 (twenty) USD MotoBucks credit

Depending on how good the entries are, I may add another secret surprise (; or maybe have a random drawing... who knows! The fun never ends! :P


  1. Hi Sarah!

    My favorite pieces (I have two! (: ) are the "Peacocked" earrings - the one with the green heart and yellow and blue beads on top, and the red heart with gold hook earrings you customized for me back in June that were a variation of the Summer Fruit earrings.

    I love the "Peacocked" earrings because they're the earrings I probably wore the most this summer because they easily match with everything since I love to wear white and black, and they're RIDICULOUSLY shiny and catchy from every angle especially in the sun. I even wore them during my grad ceremony! And I love the red earrings because they were customized personally for me and were worn to one of my favorite events and made my night even better (: my email is

  2. I like Peacocked and watermelon.

    twannywun at hotmail dot com

  3. Follower entry

    I love the Aozora earrings!
    Following on twitter =D

  4. Hello Sarah! Sotsugyo Omedetou!!! :D It's all so exciting!! ^_^

    Customer entry

    My favorite piece that you made is definitely the little hammered hearts. They are nice and small, yet still noticeable and they're my favorite color! I love the little details like the purple butterfly crystal and the opal-looking beads along with the silver and light purple colors. They're a nice alternative to my usual long earrings, but still just as eye catching. They color is more neutral so even with typically "not matching colors" they look amazing. :D

    I also have your seaside earrings which I still get compliments on when I go out. And my friend loved the lemon raspberry cheesecake earrings that you made. She wears them with everything. Love your earrings (and I'm still eyeing a bracelet) and congrats on a year and a half of business. ^_^

    e-mail is

  5. I have several Moto Jewelry pieces: my first is a long strand necklace with a green cyrstal leaf pendant. Then I also got the Breast Cancer awareness necklace.

    My fave Moto pieces are the earrings: I have Milky Way, a pair of custom Crystal AB earrings, 2 pairs of pearl clusters and my fave -- Greenery Jingles!

    My first online jewelry purchase was from Moto Jewelry and that was in June of 2009. I have always come back to Sarah for wonderful, unique and finely crafted pieces!

    I love the constant and patient communication you have with your customers and just generally how easy you are to get along with.

    ;) - Kai

  6. I'm a follower! :)

    Name: Vicky

    I also follow you on twitter!

  7. Hi!
    I'm following as Chibi Chan.

    I like the Sakura bracelet.
    I like how it's delicate but not sparse on the charms. It's full but not overwhelming. I like the mix of pearls and flowers.

  8. i love all the moonstone series as i love astronomy *-* and the peacock earrings!

    congratulations on graduating!!
    is a following on twitter too!

  9. You know me, right? I love your stuff :D

    1. I have to chose a favorite out of the MotoJewelry I own!? WAAAYYYY too difficult! I love the Moonlit Glory bracelet and I love the necklace you made to match! It goes with everything I own. The combination of the pearls, the goldstone, and the key is just beautiful!

    - Yes, I'm a follower of yours on twitter!

    - A review... I've posted pics of your stuff, (go to the "jewelry" label on my blog), but I need to write a full on testimonial!

    By the way, when are you ending this giveaway?

  10. Oh gosh this is such a difficult question but I guess my favorite piece from you is the Into the Ocean bracelet because I've gotten so many compliments on it and it's just so beautiful! I get distracted by it in class sometimes haha. Also I guess it holds a nice memory of Dylan surprising me with it. (:

    I've tweeted you (:

    I'll write a review and email it to you in a few hours (haha I'm gonna sleep now...) but I've written about you before (:

  11. great blog!!
    Pls visit my new jewelry blog

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  13. i'm a new follower ^^

    my entry:
    i clicked on your link and the first image i saw was the pearly baubles. i LOVED it. it's casual yet at the same time can be worn for an evening event.
    aside from that i loved slash & tangerine too ^^~ they would look lovely in a summer's outfit

    i notice you had this whole "universe" theme going on, and i'd love to see you combine star swarovski crystals with those black beads with glitters in it. it'd really be amazing to see what you'll come up with (color combinations, etc.)

    i followed u in twitter and tweeted you too ^^

    and congrats on graduating~!<33^^
    p.s. sorry, i forgot to add my email:

    please disregard the previous comment that i made and deleted >.<;;; sorryy.

  14. I'm a follower!!

    I really like your signature earrings in Arctic Violet because the colour combination is very beautiful. I also really like the Royale Crown bracelet because it looks so delicate and pretty. I also love anything with bows, hearts, and crowns!

    I blogged:

    I tweeted at you! (xMaterialGirlsx)

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Hi there! I found your blog through some other jewelry bloggers and my friend Cat (@strawbeemochi) also owns some pieces by you, I think!

    For me, it's a toss up between your Splash and Summer Fruit earrings. I love the unique colors; I feel like a lot of other jewelry makers use all the same colors. Also, I haven't bought I guess because you sell a lot of heart jewelry and I own a lot of hearts already so I'm trying to diversify. :)

    I'd love to see some matching earrings and necklaces! I love matching and buying more than one piece at a time.
    Twitter: @importedmegami

  17. wow thanks for holding this giveaway! I've seen a lot of your work on Cat's blog, and everything you make is very cute and delicate. I especially love your Peacocked earrings, the color of those heart crystals is so unique! I also thought those creme pearly bauble earrings were gorgeous, they just cascaded so perfectly. Keep making beautiful jewelry!
    twitter: @makeupmorsels

  18. thanks for the giveaway!
    I have the custom made Cyclamen Opal earrings. They are my favourite because i love the colors and they match almost anything i wear.

    twitter: Miss_Eva

  19. Hi ^_^! hard to pick but my favorite piece would probably have to be the Peacocked earrings, the blue you used just plays off the yellows and green so beautifully. The Golden Dreams you put up recently is rapidly becoming a close 2nd though ^^;;

    t: insideoutelle