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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pearly Baubles

I was recently commissioned (woohoo, keep the custom orders coming in! =P) by Kai to make some pearl-only clusters -- one pair in whites/cremes and one pair in blacks/greys. Here's how they turned out:

I included two pictures for each pair because I believe earrings look quite different when they're laid out flat versus when you wear them (I need to get a jewelry stand that I can hang them from so I can take higher quality pictures!).

To keep the pairs interesting, I took three similar shades in both lights and darks and mixed them together... I think they turned out quite nicely :) a slight variation from my first pair of earrings ever on Moto Jewelry.

Since there are a FEW color variations... and since I haven't made any others yet, I figured I would let these be custom-only, so there won't be a PayPal drop down "buy now" button for these. AKA e-mail orders ONLY for these! Sorry girls, hope you don't mind.

Currently thinking of making a pair of the whites/cremes in gold! :)


  1. Lovely clusters!!

  2. love the gunmetal colors. it's my favorite color. <3

  3. love both colors! white/cream pearls with some gold pearls would also be pretty!

  4. Love it, Sarah! :X Cannot wait to get `em! :)

  5. i love the white/cream pearls! i think you dont need to buy a jewelry stand. unless you really want one hehe all my earrings are tarnisheeeeeed :(!!!!!! (almost all)
    you can hang them somewhere. liiiike a ruban with some beautiful patterns on them, or just a simple monotone ruban attached to something like chairs...LOL., i aint sure if this idea is good... =.='' maybe a cool chopstick? :D a striiing????? xD ok nvm :P

  6. i really love these two pair :)